About the Founder: Assol Mukhamejanova

Assol Mukhamejanova, the creative force behind the brand Amarat, brings her exceptional talent and vision to Los Angeles MODA. With roots in Kazakhstan, Assol's work reflects a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Her brand, Amarat, is now a proud part of our fashion platform, enriching it with unique handmade jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Assol's dedication to artistry and quality is evident in every piece she creates, making Amarat a standout addition to Los Angeles MODA. Explore the exquisite collections of Amarat and discover the timeless elegance that Assol brings to the world of fashion.




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Los Angeles MODA Marries Design and Desires Through Standout Fashion Pieces

Today, Los Angeles MODA serves as one of the go-to boutiques in Southern California. The one-stop shop offers a wide variety of apparel, from simple casual clothes and party wear to accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, and handbags. Spearheaded by a team of creative designers, it focuses on delivering unique pieces that help individuals exude confidence and power. 

Highly cognizant that so many of those available in the market are mass-produced without taking individuality and distinctiveness into consideration, Los Angeles MODA makes it a point to offer standout fashion items that highlight the character of every person. “Character is something each of you already has,” asserted the renowned venture. “All we do is help to build your style according to your personality.”

Right now, on top of meeting the fashion needs of its customers, Los Angeles MODA is also providing a space for talented emerging designers to grow. Currently, it is inviting onboard creatives and designers who would like to journey with the company in its mission to make a mark in the fashion industry.